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On Fighting Dolls pages you can see matches between women and between man and woman. You can see a real struggle in wrestling, catfight, nude wrestling and mixed matches. Some fights are with erotic content. Female wrestlers trying to defeat a second with holds e.g.: scissors, head scissors, grapevine pin, schoolgirl pin, crossbody press, boston crab, bodypress and hair-pulling. Women wrestlers are in different weight categories, some are active athletes, other professional models and some ordinary girls with a normal job.


You have insight into the world full offer quality real wrestling matches, emotions, victories, defeats and erotics.



                     Fighting Dolls

I wanted to send you guys an email telling you what happened the other day at the office. I am the general manager of a textile firm Massachusetts. Generally my job is pretty boring for the most part. The only benefit is the fact that most of the employees who work under me are women. Some are downright hot. Which brings me to one of the young women who works for me, she is a sexy young blonde (I'll call her Tina) who gave birth to a baby a little over a year ago. Since coming back to work, she takes intermittent breaks to relieve the pressure of the milk building up in her breasts. Her tits are absolutely huge.


Lately she has been taking more and more time to milk her titties, which is obviously pissing off the other women working the machines. Well, all hell broke loose when a latina woman in her early forties (I'll call her Nancy) finally said something to the young blonde about her time slacking off. One slap led to another and I quickly had a fight brewing. Luckily, I was on the floor at the time and escorted both women to my office. Now I know I cannot fire someone for needing breaks to pump their engorged breasts. However I certainly understand the complaints from the other workers.


After shutting the office door the heated volume between the two women started up again. Nancy screamed at Tina, calling her a "lazy bitch, using her fat cow udders to screw off while the others worked harder." Tina screamed right back at Nancy telling her that she had every right to take these breaks when necessary. Tina then looked at me to back her up. Only to be honest, as much as I like looking at her, I was getting a little tired of her slacking off also. Suddenly, Nancy slapped one of Tina's massive milk filled melons, claiming that "there probably wasn't any milk in the at all". Before Tina could even get a word out... milk was leaking through her T-shirt, spurned on by Nancy's slap. Tina was pissed and I heard her scream "BITCH" while grabbing Nancy's hair. I should have jumped in to stop them (especially had I been thinking about my job), but I couldn't help it... I just wanted to watch what was becoming arousing to say the least.


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At 5'4" and 120 lbs., Hurricane Havana was definitely smaller than her opponent Wendy who stands 5'10" and weighed in at 145 lbs. Too bad for Wendy, Hurricane Havana is petite but very powerful. Wendy showed up ready to wrestle looking hot in a checkered bikini top and tiny little shorts. Hurricane Havana's tight shiny outfit accentuated her tone shapely body. 


As these sexy lady wrestlers hit the mats, it was quickly obvious that Hurricane Havana was much stronger and more skilled than Wendy had expected.  Wendy fought hard, but Hurricane Havana is a very tough opponent with lots of experience strength and skill. 

There are lots of head locks and body scissors in this match as Hurricane Havana racks up point after point. To her credit, Wendy does get a couple submissions out of Hurricane Havana, but not nearly enough to win the match. Despite her mounting frustration over losing, Wendy is a good sport and the match is competitive, but friendly.

 You'll love seeing sexy lady wrestler Hurricane Havana overwhelm her hot female opponent in this great match!  Order today!


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What happens when you put one of the world's most dangerous and experienced female wrestlers into a match against a young up and coming fireball female fighter with little experience but pure natural talent and an irrepressible will? We found out when we agreed to let gorgeous Sunny, the sexy dark skinned knockout take on Angel, an incredible female warrior who has muscle but yet retains her hot female figure!

Because Angel, 5',4", 160 lbs., is a world class female gladiator with years of experience across the globe in no rules fights, multiple martial arts and extensive grappling training, the Flamingo matchmakers were initially against letting the wildy aggressive and youthful Sunny, 5'4", 135 lbs. get it on with Angel. But there is no stopping the fearless Sunny who likes nothing more than to battle with the best! In her interview, Angel, wearing a sexy clingy green two piece made it clear she felt she would prevail. Sunny who was clad in a tiny thong which left nothing to the imagination made it clear she didn't care if she won or lost, but she was ready to try out her skills and technique against the cagey ring veteran.


From the second this match began to the very end, it was a raging mother of all battles that pitted youthful energy against the savvy pro. With Angel's world class submission wrestling experience she was able to gain a number of devastating choke holds and some brutal arm/shoulder locks that quickly forced Sunny into submission, but none of these deterred Sunny! She just attacked and attacked! To her credit, there were numerous times when Sunny was on top and dominating the action.

After the contest, Angel was very complimentary saying,"I feel sorry for anyone Sunny's own size, especially after she gains more experience." Sunny just loves to fight and said, "I learned a lot and I look forward to my next match." If you want to see a nonstop fierce raging war between two very sexy aggressive and dangerous female combatants, then this classic is a must for your collection.


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In her pre-fight interview sexy blonde Julie, 5' 7" & 138 lbs., said she expected her match against hot babe Veronica, 5' 9" & 136 lbs., to be very intense, and boy was she right! These two gorgeous females are pretty evenly matched, with Julie having an advantage in experience and Veronica having an advantage in upper body strength, so both girls had to work extra hard to get any submissions.


The action started quickly as Veronica and Julie briefly circled each other, Julie looking totally delicious with her tight, toned body and long legs perfectly displayed in a blue bikini top and a tiny skirt, and Veronica looking awesome in her little blue and yellow bikini top and super tiny jean shorts that barely covered her great ass.

Julie quickly gains two submissions with a mean headlock and a torturous body scissor. Then the match really gets exciting as Julie strips out of her skirt, leaving her gorgeous body covered only by a tiny thong bikini and Veronica strips out of her shorts to reveal her awesome figure displayed very nicely in her bikini. Seeing these two incredibly sexy ladies rolling all over one another, fighting hard, will really get your blood pumping!

During the first falls of the match, Julie's experience allows her to dominate the match, but Veronica learns quickly and even gets Julie to submit a few times, which is not an easy task. Crushing body scissors, agonizing head scissors, humiliating school boy pins, painful cross pins, these hot babes really know how to use their sexy bodies as deadly weapons!


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Tiffany, is a very experienced female gladiator who has clearly won almost every match she's ever had in the Flamingo library. She's a very sexy black female who stands 5'8" and weighs 127 lbs. Her opponent was Valerie. Valerie is not as experienced but she has been the Flamingo female wrestling training program is very strong. She has a very fit hot body and is 5'5" and weighs 135 lbs.


The girls began this match in tight blue jeans and bikini tops. The sight of these two intense females waging a violent war in those clingy jeans is one you don't want to miss! The action began quickly with Tiffany using her wily skills to put Valerie in body scissors that had Valerie shrieking with agony. She quickly submitted as Tiffany proudly racked up her first win on the Flamingo submission scoreboard.

This match was rough and brutal because although Tiffany had the edge in skill, Valerie had strength and determination. They crashed into the walls as they crushed each other mercilessly. At one point, Tiffany held Valerie in a grapevine that had her legs stuck, spread wide open. Valerie struggled so hard to get herself out of this humiliating and painful hold.

Eventually, Tiffany gave it up to take a schoolboy pin. Tiffany made Valerie miserable as she crushed Valerie with her crotch and then slipped her into a pair of terrifying head scissors. About halfway into the match, the girls dropped their jeans on camera to reveal their sexy sweaty bodies. But that didn't slow down the action!

This match pits skill and experience against strength. Although Tiffany took more of the submissions, Valerie gives her one hell of a fight!


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